I don’t have time do a proper write up about Mondo Con as I am still playing catch up (as usual) but I wanted to quickly go over what I’ll have and where I will be. 

I’ll be in the Kirby Hall at table T-2. In between the wonderful Scott C., and Jay Shaw. I’ll have all of these prints above. Plus SUPER Dicks of the 20th Century, and SUPER Dicks of Mondo Con. I’ll have APs of almost the entire Marvel show I did in April, as well as a new shirt, and some fun other things. 

Also, just as a heads up, I will be in a panel about toys today from 11-12, and will be unavailable. 

I’m probably forgetting something major, but yeah, I got all kinds of stuff! Swing by, say hello, have an amazing time. It’s gonna be great! 

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Miguel Camacho,
This illustration is a sample of one of the covers of the micro-novels that will launch soon @Tapfiction

Miguel Camacho,

This illustration is a sample of one of the covers of the micro-novels that will launch soon @Tapfiction

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Being John Malkovich, Sandro Miller

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Unlocking every iPhone at once


Unlocking every iPhone at once

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Chile, a land of contrast: PATAGONIA from Wildglimpses on Vimeo.

It was many years ago since I first visited Chile and Patagonia and fell in love with this spectacular country. I wanted to make a film to show this awesome land to as many people as possible, pretty sure that, unfortunately, Chile is still not as well known as it deserves. This short film is just the first step of the journey… Hope you like it as much as I did filming it.

Canon HSRLR cameras + canon prime lenses (from 24 1.4 to 400 5.6)

Music by: Armand Amar (thank you over and over again)

Main Locations:

- Torres del Paine National Park (N.P.)
- Cerro Castillo N.P.
- Tamango Reserve
- Queulat N.P.
- Chacabuco valley
- Puyehue N.P.
- Exploradores valley
- Alerce Costero N.P.
- Villarrica N.P.
- Conguillío N.P.
- Vicente Pérez Rosales N.P.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Javier Labra, Berta Valencia, Carolina Labra, Ignacio Osorio and Sebastian Osorio for their love and affection since the first day, without them this would have no meaning.

Filmed with the essential support of CONAF ( ), administrator of Chilean protected areas, and in particular with the GREAT HELP of Angel Lazo Álvarez.

Also thanks to all the people of Conaf who helped me in this project, specially to:
Erik Inostroza, Hernán Velasquez, Heriberto Yaeger, Neftalí Zambrano, Patricio Contreras, Mario Maturana, Guillermo Santana, Juan Caballero, Marcela Quiñones, Luis Montecinos, Loreto Pedrasa, Eliodoro Guitierrez, Eliecer Nanaifil, Marcos Matus, Elisardo Muñoz, Juan Pedro Salazar and all the rangers and people who work every day to preserve this great wilderness.